Record-shattering Eye Care Mission in Sabalos

John Jones and his eye care team from St Mark Lutheran Church of Santa Rosa, California just returned from the Rio San Juan village of Boca de Sabalos where they tended to a record number of patients - 2,018 over three days from July 22 - 24, 2019.

The team of John and Ardys Jones, Carolyn Ule, Richard and Terry Paille, Don and Beth Canardo, plus first time travelers Donn Johnson, Lu Ann Baum, Amanda Morris and Catherine Wharton, shattered the old record of 1,400 patients. In fact, they saw 870 people on the final day alone 

The team distributed about 1,600 prescription eye glasses and 1,000 pair of sunglasses. They also gave out approximately 750 Spanish New Testament Bibles.

IMG 2794

The team efficiently tends to patients at the Sabalos community center.

IMG 1389

Local coordinator Rafael Praslin was interviewed for Nicaraguan television as John Jones looked on.

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