More than 800 patients seen in latest St. Mark Lutheran eye care mission

Ten from St. Mark Lutheran in Santa Rosa California, plus one from Chicago along with Rafael Praslyn from San Juan Rio Relief served the people of Buena Vista on August 5-7, 2013. We examined 837 locals during this time period and distributed at no charge over 800 pair of distance, reading and sunglasses. In addition we handed out over 400 Spanish New Testament Bibles, 200 plus Spanish New Testaments written for teens and many Spanish Bible stories and toys.  (see photos)

Overall the weather was good. Bridges held up and the roads were mostly good with only one of our SUVs getting stuck in the mud one morning.

The team was tough. By the end of our time in Nicaragua every one of us got the "revenge". However, we only had one team member for one day not out in the field.

We were assisted by five Peace Corps volunteers. Rachel Reeves, Natalie Pritchett, Hannah Grow, Talia Langman and Joanna Alejandro. We couldn't have done it without their work as interpreters and interviewing of the locals as they came to our clinic.

As expected, many of the patients we served were in significant need of vision improvement. Many young people were very nearsighted and had difficulty even seeing the top line of the distance eye chart. Their lives will be changed for the better in school and life in general being able to see clearly now. We also screened for future cataract and pterigium surgeries finding at least 20 potential surgery candidates that want to be seen in the planned Sabalos Surgery Center.

StMarkLutheran 2013 206

-submitted by John Jones

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