John Jones Brings 1st Eyecare Mission to Los Chiles

Mission days were July 28-30, 2014 in the San Juan River region of southeastern Nicaragua. John Jones and his team specifically worked in the village of Los Chiles. This village had never had an "eye brigade" come in before but is one of the larger villages in the region. It is difficult to get to which is why they had not had a team in. The daily one-way commute, assuming all things functioned smoothly, was an hour on the boat and an hour on a  windy, bumpy road. On day 1 though, the boat was late and then truck was late due to an accident. The replacement vehicle was an old Nicaraguan school bus. Overall, the transport time that morning which including three bus breakdowns, was about four hours. One evening heading back to home base in Sabalos,  while on the river the boat's engine froze up. After drifting downriver in the dark they were guided into the trees and brush close to shore while they worked on the engine. In the distance they could see a tropical storm heading their way. Fortunately, the team was rescued before the storm hit. 

They examined about 715 people, dispensed over 600 pairs of prescription eye glasses along with 400+ sunglasses, 500 Bibles and lots of toys for the kids. It was a wonderful and heart-warming time for the seven travelers from Sonoma County and St. Mark Lutheran Church plus three from the Midwest.

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