Expanded orthopaedic mission set for August 2013

A team from Torrance Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group in Torrance, Calif. is planning its third medical mission in southern Nicaragua in August, 2013. 

“The needs of the people in the region were brought to my attention while vacationing with my husband nearly two years ago,” Janelle Freshman said.  “Yaro and Rafael Choiseul-Praslin, the father-son owners of Sabalos Lodge, had been coordinating missions with other medical professionals such as opthamologists and dentists and told me of the dire need for orthopaedic specialists.”


(L-R) Howard FreshmanJanelle FreshmanDr. Todd A. ShraderAmanda ShraderDr. Nicholas M. Halikis and JD Pault at a planning meeting in July for their medical trip to the Rio San Juan. In addition to seeing patients in the villages of Buena Vista, Boca de Sabalos and Kilometro Viente, the doctors expect to perform two days of surgery in San Carlos.

“We do the best we can but these people really need ongoing medical care, Dr. Halikis said. ”They don’t have the basic medical needs, their resources are very limited and many have just learned to live with what they have.  What we did is a start but they need a lot more.”

South Bay Magazine feature

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