Buena Vista boy begins school following 3rd visit to California

8-year-old Geral began attending classes for the first time this semester following his third visit to the United States for medical care.  Geral lives near the elementary school in the community of Buena Vista.

During his recent time in Long Beach, Calif., Geral learned how to read and write with the aid of a private tutor.  Now, the teacher says he's the smartest one in the class and he even gets more challenging homework assignments that the other students.  Geral loves going to school and he is warmly welcomed by the other students.

Geral was born with spina bifida and has overcome one challenge after another throughout his young life.  Read more about Geral's story.

IMG 1191

Geral gets some pointers from a classmate.

Posted: March 8, 2015

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