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San Juan Rio Relief is a team of dedicated people from the U.S. and Nicaragua whose goal is to bring free medical healthcare to the people of the Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. San Juan Rio Relief was founded in 2003 when a promise was made to a small clinic on the Rio San Juan. The clinic was discovered while touring the river on vacation.

I entered, and found a very young doctor trying to provide medical care to 6,000 people with only an old stethoscope and less medicine than I had in my medicine cabinet at home. I asked her to give me a list of medicines she needed. I promised I would send her the much needed medicine, and when I returned to the states I would do what I could to get help for her clinic. The result was the formation of San Juan Rio Relief.

Since that fateful meeting, with the help of our team on the ground in Nicaragua and dedicated volunteers in the States, we have returned approximately every four months with medicine, medical equipment and supplies, and when possible medical doctors and dentists.

Our responsibility has grown to include the whole Rio San Juan area which includes 20,000 people. Because of the large area we are serving, we work closely with Nicaragua's Ministry of Health and have a very good relationship with the area's director, Dr. Freddy Ruiz Alvarez of San Carlos.

Today, San Juan Rio Relief is a private nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. Support comes from individuals, corporations and foundations. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law. All donations go directly to medicine, medical equipment or medical supplies without paying any overhead.

All we ask is for your to Help Us Help Them

                                                                      ~ Mary Evitt, Executive Director

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Ground Team in Nicaragua: Rafael and Mary Praslyn, Juan Carlos, Yaro, Wayne and Mary Evitt

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A shipment of wheelchairs and other mobility aids arrives in San Carlos


Dental mission

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Peace Corps volunteers at right join an orthopaedic mission

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